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Welcome to @Microtono Website.

My name is Juan José Hernández Gómez, I changed my life to work in my passion, Music. I’m a musician, composer and videogames sound designer. I’m traveling from Osaka to Tokyo, and I think this is a nice way to show my work in Japan. Thanks to access through my QR code.  How many people could hear this music in Japan? It’s an interesting question for me, and I’m doing this to share my passion and love for Videogames. If you like this music, please I really apreciate if you share these songs with your friends.  :-)

This is my first present to you, my first soundtrack in Videogames, Project Xinatra.

The video game it’s a Run &  Gun, inspired in classical 2D scroll video games. You can play it for free here (windows)

This is a personal project called Textured Roots. Some ideas, different concepts and textures.

I’m always looking for interesting projects and I think Japan it’s amazing for that. If you like the music of this website, maybe we could work together in the future. I’m always updating my social network and looking for inspirations.

One of the things I like to do to test my skills is a “Microtono Inspiration”. What is this?  Simply, I take a short gameplay of a game I love, I remove all the sound of the video and then, I try to make some wildtracks, sound effects and music for this video. The idea is to try to make something credible, exploring my own sound concepts. You could whatch them in my youtube channel.

Sometimes I make things for friends, I love sci-fi concepts, and personally I’m very interested in joining futuristic or cyberpunk projects. These songs are in my soundcloud, but I’m sure you will prefer to whatch the original video concepts. Concept arts are made by @CarlosNCT.

Game jams are one of the best ways to connect with people who love videogames, and I’ve attended some of them here in Valencia (Spain).  These songs have been developed for different projects in some game jams developed by AEV (Student Association of Videogames – Valencia), you can hear some game jam audios  and other compositions of our friends Groovel Innate Composing HERE.  The ilustrations of the concept art of these songs are made by@musivara.

Thanks for your time. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me.